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Little League Pregame Stretch

2017 June 21

Ottawa Champions Little League Pre-Game Stretch

Hey Little Leaguers!

The Ottawa Champions and the experts at Back on Track Physiotherapy agree that when it comes to Baseball, your health has to come first.  Every player should have the information they need to play safe and to the best of their ability.  

So we've  decided to spill the secrets and share some of the tips and tricks developed for our professional athletes, so you can train like a pro and dominate on the diamond!  

Check out what we have come up with below!


Stand with your knees slightly bent, elbow bent overhead, holding it with the other hand.

Push upward with your elbow against your hand for the recommended time.
Rapidly rotate your arms in both directions.

While in the stretch position, extend the wrist of the stretched arm to solicit the extensors.

Stand up with your arms parallel to the floor on each side.

Make circles with your arms, keeping the elbows straight.


In standing, rotate your shoulder forward, then backward.


Start by standing straight.

Take a step forward and lower into a lunge with your knee over your front foot while turning your torso and upper body in either direction.

Avoid compensating by rolling into an anterior pelvic tilt which will result in hyperextension in the lumbar spine. 

Stand with both feet to hip width. 
Flex both knees and tilt the pelvis forward (pull the buttock upward) keeping your back straight. 

Bend your torso toward the ground, keeping your back straight until you feel a stretch behind your upper thighs and keep the position for the prescribed time. 

Then, run rapidly on the spot touching your buttocks with your heels for the prescribed time. 


Lift one leg to the outstretched opposite hand while maintaining an upright posture. 

As you warm up, increase the velocity and height of the kick, progressing up onto the toes of your standing leg.

Alternate the legs. 

Run forward.

Run backwards.

Warm up and cool down major muscle groups, especially those of the back, thigh, calf, and ankles.

Be certain that you are wearing a good pair of running shoes.

To avoid injury, progress your speed and distance slowly over time.